qemudo - QEMU Web Interface

Qemudo is a Web interface to QEMU or KVM offering a way for users to access and control multiple virtual machines (guest systems) running on one or more remote physical machines (host systems).

From the Web interface, VMs can be created, started up, shut down, reset, and accessed (monitor, keyboard and mouse). Access to the VMs is done through a VNC applet making use of the VNC protocol natively supported by QEMU 0.8.1 and later.

Qemudo has been primarily designed to function in a cluster environment, where its Web interface gives a unified view on all the VMs running on a cluster of physical machines. Of course it can also be used just as easily to manage only a couple of VMs running locally.

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The first screenshot shows the main page of the Qemudo Web interface: the search page - Qemudo is designed to handle thousands of VMs so it comes with a very powerful search feature to allow the user to find the VM she needs. The second screenshot shows the page giving access to a VM via the VNC Java applet.

Known Issues

See the TODO file.


The development version of Qemudo (future 0.2.x release) is currently being rewritten from scratch and can be checked out using:

$ hg clone http://qemudo.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/qemudo/qemudo

The lastest stable version of Qemudo is obsolete but can be downloaded from the SourceForge download page.

License, Authors

Qemudo is released under the GPLv2 and has been developed by Marc Bevand of Rapid7 <marc_bevand (at) rapid7.com>

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